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In the ‘LINKS’ section, the ‘NOSTALGIC RADIO’ and ‘CURRENT RADIO’ sections are for my fellow radio fanatics.

Learn more about ‘CHARLOTTE’ ( like it’s in North Carolina), and use the ‘GOVERNMENT’ section for quick, easy reference to Local, State, and National Government sites.

In ‘FOOD, FOLKS, FUN’ you will find whatever you find, and in ‘Games People Play’ enjoy interactive stuff that even I can excel at.

Finally, since so many have asked, my iPod master list.. Eventually, we will build the list to a thousand songs, and keep it at that number. Imagine a radio station or show, and this is its play list. When we get to 1000, in order to add something, some song will have to go. Feel free to offer suggestions. There are bigger plans for this concept in the future. Stay tuned …

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